Prospect Research Review Editors

Margaret (Marge) King


InfoRich Group, Inc.

Marge is a highly experienced information professional and founder of InfoRich Group, Inc. She has been invited to speak about prospect research by AFP-Greater Philadelphia, AFP-Brandywine, AFP-Central Pennsylvania, and PREP-APRA. In addition to raising millions of dollars for her clients, Marge is a member of the adjunct faculty at both Delaware County Community College and Eastern University where she teaches business and fundraising courses at graduate and undergraduate levels. She often writes about prospect research and has written for Fundraising Success Magazine, FUMSI, Online Searcher, and Major Gifts Reporter. She has served on several nonprofit boards and has written and evaluated multi-million dollar grant proposals for government agencies. Marge earned a BS from Cabrini College, an MBA from St. Joseph’s University, and a post-graduate certificate from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Marge is often quoted as saying “Don’t chase the money; funders can see that a mile away!”

Joann M. Wleklinski


Wleklinski Information Services

Joann is an editor extraordinaire and is the owner of Wleklinski Information Services. When not editing grant proposals, Joann writes articles on finding and using information. She has been published in Online, Searcher, The Cyberskeptic’s Guide to the Internet, FUMSI, Online Searcher, and has been featured in several books, including The Secrets of the Super Net Searchers. She is the copy editor for the Hetherington Group’s newsletter. Among other newsletters for which she has been Editor in Chief are AIIP’s AIIP Connections, and SLA’s The Informant.

Joann has nearly two decades of information research and writing experience in technology, academia, business, and healthcare, having worked at such places as Accenture and MIT. She also spent three months on assignment at the United Nations in New York City. Joann holds an MLIS from Rosary College and a BA in English from Boston College. Joann is often quoted as saying “We typically see what we intended to write, not what we actually wrote.”

Prospect Research Review is written and edited by two highly skilled information professionals and supported by an Advisory Board.