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With Prospect Research Review’s full PrivCo product review, you will get an in-depth, comprehensive, and unbiased review that highlights the benefits, advantages, or drawbacks of PrivCo’s features.

The 16-page PrivCo review provides a complete introduction to the product, including the product’s sources of information, intended audience, product coverage, search options available, user interface details, product special functionalities, including special data manipulation features, as well as product cost.  The review starts out with an At A Glance summary, followed by the Full Review.

The Cool Tool featured in this issue is The Wayback Machine, an online digital archive service, written by Amelia Kassel, president of MarketingBase.  

The International Research Tip features Canadian business information resources—both free and fee-based—by Maureen Shields, a partner of The 42nd Street Group Inc.

Plus, with this issue, we’ve introduced an Industry Scoop and an Expert User Tip. The Industry Scoop has to do with DonorSearch, and we have two PrivCo Expert User Tips to share with you—one by Diane Valdivia, president, Pinpoint Prospect Research, and the other by Laurie Banfield, research associate, Purdue Research Foundation.

Prospect Research Review’s in-depth product reviews are an easy read for both information professionals and management alike—and, as a result, may make budget justification easier.   

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